Friday, February 26, 2010

Pablo the Talking Hamburger: Limousine Driver

By Byrne Elementary's 2nd Grade. Illustrations by Corinne Mucha

Once upon a time, in the very flashy and exciting city of Las Vegas, there lived a very special talking hamburger named Pablo. Pablo could talk only because he had very special ketchup that had very special powers. This ketchup let anyone who couldn't talk before, talk, as long as they were slathered in ketchup!

This put Pablo in very high demand for his limo service, called, "You Wanna Ham? You Get A Burger Driver." Pablo drove all of the rich and famous celebrities that came to Las Vegas. Brian Urlacher, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber were all Pablo's customers.

Everyday, Pablo would go to Hamburgerland, the high-end hamburger restaurant in Las Vegas. He would pick up orders for all of his customers, because they loved the hamburgers so much. His best, and most-loved customer, was Mr. Hot Potato, the inventor of the game Hot Potato. Pablo would drive him around every day, because Mr. Hot Potato had so much money that he had nothing better to do than be driven around by a hamburger in a limousine.

But, one day, the special magic ketchup that helped Pablo talk ran out. "Oh, no. I'm going to need to find some more ketchup," he thought to himself. The first place he tried was the local Jewel-Osco. He thought that maybe he could find it in the condiment aisle, with all the other ketchup. But there was none there!

What happens next?! Will Pablo find more ketchup? Will he ever be able to talk without it? Will Mr. Hot Potato ever get to ride in a limousine again?
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