Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ron and the Chocolate Man

By Jonathan B., 6th Grade
Illustration by Mikey H., 5th Grade

One day there was a big, huge, gigantic, enormous man made out of chocolate, named Willy. Everyone was scared of the chocolate man. Everyone, except a little baby called Ron. Ron was a very fat baby. He was so fat that he could eat ten times more than a normal person.

OK, back to the big chocolate man: He destroyed everything he saw. He ate everything in sight, too! Well, the people of the town were mad at Willy and decided to destroy him. So, they did.

Well, they were going to, but first they needed to find someone to destroy him. The fattest of the people of the town decided to eat him. They all failed. Then, they thought of Ron, the little fat baby!!!

They sent Ron to Willy. Ron didn't do anything to the big chocolate man. Then he pooped and started crying. His mom got him, changed his diapers and put him next to Willy again. This time, Ron ate him in one bite!!!

After he was done, he burped and started sucking his thumb.
The End.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Candy's Search for the Magic Gold Sweater

By CICS-Basil's 3rd Grade class, with Mrs. Reynolds
Illustrations by Lisa See Kim (Lisa See Kim)

In the city of Calcapoo, in the desert of Calcapooey, there lived a little girl tarantula by the name of Candy. Candy liked to walk around the sewers underneath Calcapoo, looking for a magical sweater. The magical sweater was gold with purple polka-dots, and if she put it on, she could fly anywhere she wanted!

Candy wanted to fly all the way to Candyland, because she wanted to get out of the sewer and visit Mr. Candyman. Mr. Candyman was made out of chocolate and would give you whatever candy you wanted.
One day, Candy was out strolling through the sewers, looking for the sweater. She had been looking for the sweater for five weeks.

She was fed up walking around in the slimy, icky green goo. All off a sudden, Candy saw something coming out of the goo. At first, she thought it was a fat monster, but it was really just a fat grantula (half grandma, half tarantula). Much to Candy's surprise, the fat grantula was wearing the magic sweater.

"Why did you take my sweater?" asked Candy. "Finders keepers, losers weepers!" shrieked the grantula, as she flew away into a greasy pool, and disappeared.

"Oh, Calcapoo, there goes my sweater!" screamed Candy, right before jumping into the greasy pool. She swam and swam for thirty minutes, and then came out somewhere, covered in red polka-dots.

What happens next?! Will Candy defeat the grantula? Will she ever get the magic sweater? Why is she covered in red polka-dots?
Finish the story yourself, and send it to

Monday, January 25, 2010

Vanilla Milkshake

by B.J. A., Grade 3

O, vanilla milkshake, you are sweet and salty
and you have chunks of lava in you.
But I drank you anyway.
You burn my mouth and all of my teeth.
My teeth melted and it tastes gross and the lava mixed with my acid and the lava went out of my body and I hurled really bad.

Happy Birthday Milkshake

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ashley Saved the World From Talking Candy

By Jayda V., Keilani F., Emily P., Abigail S. and Crystal O., 5th grade

Ashley, the one-thousand-eyed squid, walked through the soft and sticky cotton candy streets of Candylantis. She was headed to the underwater mall, which was made out of lollipops and surrounded by chocolate trees.

But since she wasn't paying attention to where she was going, she ran right into a talking, orange candy cane. "I'm sorry!" Ashley exclaimed.

"Hi, I'm Harold, the leader of Candylantis," Harold announced. Candylantis was the underwater world just off the coast of Costa Rica that was home to a group of one-eyed squids and talking, rainbow-striped candy canes. The candy canes and the squids existed peacefully.

"I've never seen you before. But I'm Ashley," Ashley replied. "I've seen you before," said Harold. "You stand out, with your thousand eyes. I've also seen you visiting dry land, and flying." Ashley was unique in her ability to both fly, and live on land. This is why Harold wanted Ashley to help him keep his New Year's resolution, which was to finally get off his pink marshmallow couch, and take over the world.

"I need you to teach me how to breathe the air of Costa Rica, and fly," Harold demanded, waving his arms. "Why do you want to fly?" Ashley asked. "So the candy cane people can take over the world, obviously," Harold shouted, with a crazy, evil laugh.

"That's insane," Ashley thought to herself. "How can I stop Harold from trying to take over the world?" Ashley decided that there must be a way she could use her one thousand eyes and her special abilities to trick Harold. "Sure," Ashley agreed, "I can help with your plan of world domination."

She tried not to sound suspicious. Ashley agreed to take Harold on his first flying lesson immediately. She picked Harold up in her tentacles and shot out of the water. Harold giggled because the tentacles tickled, and it felt awesome to fly. Harold noticed that he was breathing air, which he hadn't realized he could do.

"If I can breathe, then surely I can fly, too!" Harold said with excitement.

"Do you want to try it?" Ashley asked, guessing that flying was not one of Harold's abilities.

"Yes!" Harold screamed. So, Ashley let go of Harold. "I'm flying!" he shouted. But then he realized he was plummeting toward Costa Rica. "I'm falling!" he cried in terror.

But, luckily for Harold, when he got very close to the ground, a little girl reached out and caught him. She had never seen a candy cane like Harold, but she liked candy canes, so she licked him. "Gross!" Harold exclaimed, as he grew smaller and smaller.

Ashley went back to Candylantis, since she was late for dinner with her family. The world would never know how close it had come to being taken over by a talking candy cane named Harold.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Hat

Beginning by Kaitlyn R., Middle by Catherine G., End by Tevin Y.

Once upon a time, there was a magical hat that could do everything that is hard to do and easy stuff too. The hard stuff was to make a robot and play a game called Rachel. To play Rachel, you need to land on a Rachel and build the first letter in Rachel. It is R. Whoever finishes her name wins.

One day, the hat got lost. "I want to go home," the hat said. Someone kidnapped him. "My name is Wild Star," she said. Wild Star kidnapped the hat because she wanted to steal the hat's magic powers. "Why do you want to steal my magic powers?" the hat asked.

"I don't want to steal your powers," Wild Star said. "I have my own."
"You do?" the hat said.
"Yes, and I'm going to help you get to your own present," Wild Star said. "My powers include wormholes and teleporting, so we can get home easily. I only said I wanted to steal your powers since they're so cool."
While Wild Star was teleporting there were flashes of light. Suddenly, they were at the hat's owner!
"Yay!" shouted the hat.
"You're welcome," said Wild Star.

Eating Sushi in Japan

By Marvin G.
Grade 3

When I went to Japan, I ate so much sushi that I turned into a big piece of sushi. So people wouldn't eat me, I threw myself into the garbage and was stinky and people wouldn't eat me. If I wanted to turn back into a person, I would have to kiss a monkey and then my family wouldn't eat me.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Justin Cooper Windigo Finds A New Friend

By Nicolaus D., Gaby S., B.J. S., Ryan W. and Keyaira H. of Alcott Elementary's 5th grade

Once there was a hurtle (a combination horse and turtle) named Justin Cooper Windigo, who lived in a tree and wore a bedazzled tutu and was twenty-two years old. He didn't have any eyes, so he had hyper-sensitive nose and ears. One day in his tree, he heard a heavy thumping from afar. He made a loud "cawww" to signal his friends for help.

His friends appeared immediately. The friends are a srog (combination snake and frog) named Goofer, and a gouse (goat mouse) named Goosey. "What's the matter?" They asked Justin Cooper Windigo.

"I think there is a giant dragonfly in the pond," Justin said. "I think it's going to eat me."

Goofer and Goosey didn't believe him and laughed at what they thought was a joke. "Oh stop, JCW, with all your foolishness," Goosey said. "It's 6 a.m.!"

So, Justin Cooper Windigo decided to track the giant dragonfly on his own, using his keen sense of smell and hearing. Upon his search, he felt a pair of giant slippery feet which smelled like unwashed socks and spoiled milk. He jumped back in fear and yelled, "What are you?!"

The giant feet replied, "I am king of the dragonflies!" Now, everyone normally ran from the dragonfly, which makes the dragonfly king very mad and emotional, but the hurtle did not.

"I have no friends," the dragonfly said. "They always run away because of my putrid smell."

They became friends because they share one thing in common: neither of them have a sense of sight. Justin Cooper Windigo told Goosey, Goofer, and all of his other friends that the Dragonfly King is not scary, and is rather friendly. Justin planned a party for the next day and invited the Dragonfly King.

Justin guided him to the party. It was a dance party, with hip hop music and ballet dancing. The Dragonfly King met new friends, and Goosey and Goofer now believed Justin. They all became friends forever.