Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Revenge of the Hamburbirds

By Byrne Elementary's 3rd Grade with Mrs. Hansen. Illustrations by Julia Rice

Deep in The Shoelace Forest, where laces grow from the ground and reach 60 feet high, lived a tribe of bear-nanas led by their queen, Deevena. Like all bear-nanas, Queen Deevena had the front half of a black bear and a tail of a blue, polka-dot banana. Her claws were sharp bananas and she wore a furry banana crown on her head.

But all was not safe in The Shoelace Forest. Whenever Queen Deevena wanted to put on her Heelies and skate on her frozen pea soup lake, she had to bring along two of her applesauruses. The applesauruses were the finest, strongest, biggest, half-apple, half-dinosaurs in The Shoelace Forest. Their job was to protect the queen from the hamburbirds.

The hamburbirds were upset with Queen Deevena because seven years ago the bear-nanas had stolen the key to the hamburbirds' secret volcano. The volcano contained their lair. The lair was where the hamburbirds cooked their top secret pizza with sauce made out of ginger ale. Without the key, the hamburbirds could not cook.

One gloomy, tomato-rainy day, Queen Deevena insisted on going skating. Her applesauruses were not to be found. They were taking their yearly applesauce bath. Queen Deevena set out on her own to her pea soup lake.

She stepped onto the ice and was warming up for her figure-eight when...

What happens next?! Will Queen Deevena get to finish her figure-eight? What's an applesauce bath like? Can the hamburbirds ever return to their volcano lair?
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