Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Boat the Amazing Tiger and the Flying Chickens

By Legacy's 2nd Grade class, with Mr. Hauser
Illustrations by Jeni Crone (Noun Confused)

Once upon a time in the far off and distant future, there was a planet called The Big Pants Planet. This planet was filled with big, fat chickens! The chickens were so big that they weighed one hundred pounds each and were six feet tall.

On The Big Pants Planet, there also lived a talking tiger, whose name was Boat. It was his job to take care of the chickens. Boat had a red body, with blue stripes, and a yellow tail. He was a really interesting looking tiger. Sometimes, the chickens would make fun of Boat, because he had bunny ears instead of regular tiger ears.

Luckily for Boat, he also had amazing powers. Not only could he talk, but he could make the chickens fly. It was important to make the chickens fly, because they needed to bring down food for the whole planet. All the chickens of The Big Pants Planet fed on special, floating popcorn that made up the clouds in the sky. Even though the chickens were six feet tall, they couldn't reach the clouds without flying. Sometimes, if they were lucky, there would be a huge popcorn rain, and food would come flooding down on the whole planet.

One day, there was a huge storm, and popcorn fell everywhere. All the chickens were really happy, because they had all the food they could want. But the storm kept coming.

Soon, butter and cheese were falling from the sky, covering all of the popcorn and all of the chickens. The storm was so bad that all of the popcorn was getting ruined and soggy from all of the butter and cheese.

What happens next?! Will Boat save the chickens? Will it ever stop raining butter? Will the chickens ever stop making fun of Boat's bunny ears?
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