Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dylan Klezko's Search for Paint

Written by Brittany, Alexis, Martin, Atanacio and Brianna of Peabody's 6th Grade

Once, in 1951, there was a famous painter named Dylan Klezko. He liked to wear a backwards baseball cap and a striped shirt. He had blond hair and loved playing soccer.

Dylan made paintings of his feelings and sold them to the people of Mercury. Doing this made him very rich. The people of Mercury had lots of money, so he became a trillionaire.

One day, Dylan was painting a portrait of the King of Mercury, to give as a present for his birthday. After planning the next step of the painting, he tried to pick up some more paint with his brush, but there was none left. "What happened to all of my paint?" Dylan shouted to himself. "The King's birthday is tomorrow!"

Dylan saddled up his dragon and started searching around the neighborhood for paint. He looked at Digibor & Diaz, the local art store, but they were sold out. He went all the way to Asia on his dragon, but still couldn't find any paint.

After searching for three hours, Dylan decided to call his friend Miguel, who was a time-traveling Roman soldier. Miguel traveled through time, helping people. Once, Dylan helped Miguel find his magic marble, so Miguel owed him a favor.

"Can you help me find some paint?" asked Dylan. "Why?" replied Miguel. "I need to finish my portrait of the King," said Dylan. "If I don't, the King's going to put me in the dungeon and never let me out."

"I know just where to find some paint," Miguel replied happily. "We need to go to Mercury!"

So, Dylan grabbed his painting, and the two of them put on their space suits, got on Dylan's dragon and launched into the air. It took only one hour for the dragon to get all the way to Mercury, because it was the strongest dragon in the universe.

Once they landed on Mercury, Dylan only had three hours left to get the painting to the King. He tried running into the nearest Foolish Paint store, but some guards stopped him. "Halt!" they shouted. "You need a Mercury passport to get into the store."

"But I'm from Rome! I don't have a Mercury passport," cried Dylan. "Are you Dylan Klezko, the famous Roman painter?!" one guard asked, excitedly. "Why, yes," he replied. "I just need some more paint to finish this portrait of the King."

Once they heard this, the guards opened the door right away and helped Dylan find the paint that he needed. He grabbed one bottle of each color paint and finished the painting on the spot. Next, the guards rushed him through the streets to the King's birthday party.
Once the King saw his birthday gift, he gasped. "That is the nicest painting of me that I've ever seen!" he exclaimed. "Thank you so much," Dylan answered.

Dylan, Miguel and the King celebrated until two o'clock in the morning, eating the favorite foods of Mercury, pig feet tacos and root beer.


  1. That is the best story I have read, maybe ever! Artists AND a Dragon AND a birthday, all in one story.

  2. He went to Asia and back in three hours? AND on a dragon? Magical!