Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ron and the Chocolate Man

By Jonathan B., 6th Grade
Illustration by Mikey H., 5th Grade

One day there was a big, huge, gigantic, enormous man made out of chocolate, named Willy. Everyone was scared of the chocolate man. Everyone, except a little baby called Ron. Ron was a very fat baby. He was so fat that he could eat ten times more than a normal person.

OK, back to the big chocolate man: He destroyed everything he saw. He ate everything in sight, too! Well, the people of the town were mad at Willy and decided to destroy him. So, they did.

Well, they were going to, but first they needed to find someone to destroy him. The fattest of the people of the town decided to eat him. They all failed. Then, they thought of Ron, the little fat baby!!!

They sent Ron to Willy. Ron didn't do anything to the big chocolate man. Then he pooped and started crying. His mom got him, changed his diapers and put him next to Willy again. This time, Ron ate him in one bite!!!

After he was done, he burped and started sucking his thumb.
The End.

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