Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ashley Saved the World From Talking Candy

By Jayda V., Keilani F., Emily P., Abigail S. and Crystal O., 5th grade

Ashley, the one-thousand-eyed squid, walked through the soft and sticky cotton candy streets of Candylantis. She was headed to the underwater mall, which was made out of lollipops and surrounded by chocolate trees.

But since she wasn't paying attention to where she was going, she ran right into a talking, orange candy cane. "I'm sorry!" Ashley exclaimed.

"Hi, I'm Harold, the leader of Candylantis," Harold announced. Candylantis was the underwater world just off the coast of Costa Rica that was home to a group of one-eyed squids and talking, rainbow-striped candy canes. The candy canes and the squids existed peacefully.

"I've never seen you before. But I'm Ashley," Ashley replied. "I've seen you before," said Harold. "You stand out, with your thousand eyes. I've also seen you visiting dry land, and flying." Ashley was unique in her ability to both fly, and live on land. This is why Harold wanted Ashley to help him keep his New Year's resolution, which was to finally get off his pink marshmallow couch, and take over the world.

"I need you to teach me how to breathe the air of Costa Rica, and fly," Harold demanded, waving his arms. "Why do you want to fly?" Ashley asked. "So the candy cane people can take over the world, obviously," Harold shouted, with a crazy, evil laugh.

"That's insane," Ashley thought to herself. "How can I stop Harold from trying to take over the world?" Ashley decided that there must be a way she could use her one thousand eyes and her special abilities to trick Harold. "Sure," Ashley agreed, "I can help with your plan of world domination."

She tried not to sound suspicious. Ashley agreed to take Harold on his first flying lesson immediately. She picked Harold up in her tentacles and shot out of the water. Harold giggled because the tentacles tickled, and it felt awesome to fly. Harold noticed that he was breathing air, which he hadn't realized he could do.

"If I can breathe, then surely I can fly, too!" Harold said with excitement.

"Do you want to try it?" Ashley asked, guessing that flying was not one of Harold's abilities.

"Yes!" Harold screamed. So, Ashley let go of Harold. "I'm flying!" he shouted. But then he realized he was plummeting toward Costa Rica. "I'm falling!" he cried in terror.

But, luckily for Harold, when he got very close to the ground, a little girl reached out and caught him. She had never seen a candy cane like Harold, but she liked candy canes, so she licked him. "Gross!" Harold exclaimed, as he grew smaller and smaller.

Ashley went back to Candylantis, since she was late for dinner with her family. The world would never know how close it had come to being taken over by a talking candy cane named Harold.

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