Thursday, January 14, 2010

Justin Cooper Windigo Finds A New Friend

By Nicolaus D., Gaby S., B.J. S., Ryan W. and Keyaira H. of Alcott Elementary's 5th grade

Once there was a hurtle (a combination horse and turtle) named Justin Cooper Windigo, who lived in a tree and wore a bedazzled tutu and was twenty-two years old. He didn't have any eyes, so he had hyper-sensitive nose and ears. One day in his tree, he heard a heavy thumping from afar. He made a loud "cawww" to signal his friends for help.

His friends appeared immediately. The friends are a srog (combination snake and frog) named Goofer, and a gouse (goat mouse) named Goosey. "What's the matter?" They asked Justin Cooper Windigo.

"I think there is a giant dragonfly in the pond," Justin said. "I think it's going to eat me."

Goofer and Goosey didn't believe him and laughed at what they thought was a joke. "Oh stop, JCW, with all your foolishness," Goosey said. "It's 6 a.m.!"

So, Justin Cooper Windigo decided to track the giant dragonfly on his own, using his keen sense of smell and hearing. Upon his search, he felt a pair of giant slippery feet which smelled like unwashed socks and spoiled milk. He jumped back in fear and yelled, "What are you?!"

The giant feet replied, "I am king of the dragonflies!" Now, everyone normally ran from the dragonfly, which makes the dragonfly king very mad and emotional, but the hurtle did not.

"I have no friends," the dragonfly said. "They always run away because of my putrid smell."

They became friends because they share one thing in common: neither of them have a sense of sight. Justin Cooper Windigo told Goosey, Goofer, and all of his other friends that the Dragonfly King is not scary, and is rather friendly. Justin planned a party for the next day and invited the Dragonfly King.

Justin guided him to the party. It was a dance party, with hip hop music and ballet dancing. The Dragonfly King met new friends, and Goosey and Goofer now believed Justin. They all became friends forever.


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