Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Candy's Search for the Magic Gold Sweater

By CICS-Basil's 3rd Grade class, with Mrs. Reynolds
Illustrations by Lisa See Kim (Lisa See Kim)

In the city of Calcapoo, in the desert of Calcapooey, there lived a little girl tarantula by the name of Candy. Candy liked to walk around the sewers underneath Calcapoo, looking for a magical sweater. The magical sweater was gold with purple polka-dots, and if she put it on, she could fly anywhere she wanted!

Candy wanted to fly all the way to Candyland, because she wanted to get out of the sewer and visit Mr. Candyman. Mr. Candyman was made out of chocolate and would give you whatever candy you wanted.
One day, Candy was out strolling through the sewers, looking for the sweater. She had been looking for the sweater for five weeks.

She was fed up walking around in the slimy, icky green goo. All off a sudden, Candy saw something coming out of the goo. At first, she thought it was a fat monster, but it was really just a fat grantula (half grandma, half tarantula). Much to Candy's surprise, the fat grantula was wearing the magic sweater.

"Why did you take my sweater?" asked Candy. "Finders keepers, losers weepers!" shrieked the grantula, as she flew away into a greasy pool, and disappeared.

"Oh, Calcapoo, there goes my sweater!" screamed Candy, right before jumping into the greasy pool. She swam and swam for thirty minutes, and then came out somewhere, covered in red polka-dots.

What happens next?! Will Candy defeat the grantula? Will she ever get the magic sweater? Why is she covered in red polka-dots?
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