Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Van Pelt The Color Changing Ghost

By Horace Mann Elementary's 2nd Grade, with Ms. Pashos
Illustrations by Aaron Renier

Once upon a time in a spooky cobweb filled house, there lived sixteen regular ghosts and one very special color changing ghost named Van Pelt. Van Pelt could change into any color in the rainbow. He would go black to green to red in just one second. You could always tell Van Pelt's mood by what color he was. Green was if he was embarrassed. Red was if he was angry. Yellow was if he was happy, and black was if he was in love. Van Pelt spent his days scaring people who tried to come into his haunted house. "Get out of my mansion!" he would growl and, starting with his toes, he would change color until he was bright red.

Midnight, on April 26th, Van Pelt ran into a very serious problem at his house. He was minding his own business, just playing a great game of Ghostland when, all of a sudden, he heard some loud footsteps trumping up his stairs.

Creeeeeak went the door to his bedroom. "Hello. May I please play your game with you?" someone asked. Van Pelt looked away from his game with a skeptical look and saw in his doorway the biggest, baddest bully in town. It was Jake the Master. He had a bright red mohawk that was seven feet high.

"What do you want?" asked Van Pelt, "And most of all, why aren't you afraid of me?"

"Well," said Jake the Master, "I'm not afraid of you because I just want to be your friend."

"No way!" screamed Van Pelt, and he turned all of his darkest colors at once.

What happens next?! Will Jake and Van Pelt ever be friends? Who would win if they played Ghostland? How can Jake stand up straight with that much hair?
Finish the story yourself, and send it to

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